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Waterless Car Wash

  How to Experience a Waterless Car Wash

Did you know that nearly 150 gallons of water is used every time you wash your car? Now imagine how many gallons are used each and every day at self-serve car washes, drive-through washes, car dealerships, and auto shops. Not only is water wasted in the process of washing a car, but the harsh chemicals in soaps and products we use get washed into our groundwater, impacting our wells, drinking water, and the environment.


With Nature's Green Magic waterless car wash, you can experience the best quality clean without using a single drop of water. The biodegradable and all natural product works as a cleaner and a wax, and only requires the use of a microfiber towel to wipe and buff your car clean. Our waterless car wash saves both water, time, and money in three simple steps: spray the car wash on the surface of your car in a two foot section; wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth; use a clean microfiber cloth to buff the wax until it shines.


Our easy to use waterless car wash is the perfect solution for your busy life or for your mobile car detailing service. Get the best quality clean for your car or for your customer's cars without impacting the environment, using water, or damaging the car. Instead, get a quality clean and wax that will protect your car longer than a normal wash and dry, making it look showroom ready with one amazing product.

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