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In developing our Premium Interior Cleaner, we included advanced cleaners and protectors without adding toxic manmade chemicals, bleach, ammonia, soaps, or solvents. Our Premium Interior Cleaner was developed not as a shampoo or a soap, but a professional extractor that travels deep to the source of stains. While effortlessly & effectively breaking down and eliminating ugly spots, our cleaner eliminates grease and grime from carpets, upholstery, seats, and from any interior surface. After one application of the Premium Interior Cleaner, the entire vehicle or home will smell fresh and clean.

Premium Interior Cleaner

  • 100% All Natural -Clean & deodorizes fabric, upholstery and carpets -Power spot remover

    Removes ground in grime from interior vinyl & plastic -Hypo-allergenic-Phosphate free-Ammonia free

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