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The eco-friendly Nature's Green Magic Detail Pack is designed to provide all tools needed to clean the entire vehicle. With the Waterless Wash & Wax, Premium Interior Cleaner and the Tire & Interior Conditioner, you are able to wash and wax your paint finish, completely clean your interior, gloss and protect your vinyl and leather surfaces and finally clean and gloss your tires. You even receive the microfiber towels.

Complete Detail Pack

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  • 100% All Natural Complete Bundle Pack 3 16Oz & 1 Microfibers(Includes Wash & Wax, Premium Interior Cleaner, Tire & Interior Conditioner) Our bundles pack enables you to clean your entire vehicle"Inside and Out" without using a single drop of water or harsh chemicals Give your vehicle a showroom finish while protecting your paint Try it on your vehicle, boat, rv, planes & home (Works great on smooth surfaces like glass, stainless steel, tiles, mirrors and granite)