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Eco Friendly Boat Cleaner

  Eco Friendly Boat Cleaner That Gives Your Boat a Lasting Clean

Nature's Green Magic does so much more than clean and detail your car. Our exterior wash and wax, also simply called Green, provides the perfect waterless cleaning solution for your boat, RV, and home surfaces. This eco friendly boat cleaner is easy to use and doesn't require you to be within reach of a faucet or hose. Our waterless cleaner can be sprayed on, wiped off, and buffed, leaving your boat with a shiny wax finish that will help repel residue and water lines.


Green Magic can also be used as a professional-grade RV cleaner. Wash and wax your RV to a showroom quality shine in just three simple steps. Traditional car wash methods can use up to 150 gallons of water, and significantly more than that for an RV. With Green Magic RV cleaner, you not only preserve water, but you also gain a professional clean without any damage to the environment through harsh chemicals.


Our eco friendly boat cleaner and RV cleaner keeps your equipment looking and feeling clean using advanced biodegradable polymers and organic materials that combine to create a revolutionary product. Keeping your RV and boat clean and protected has never been easier.


Green Magic cleaner also works beyond your car, boat, and RV. The wash and wax formula provides a high-grade natural cleaner for your other home surfaces, including granite, glass, and stainless steel. The water-repellent wax finish is great for outward-facing windows, car and RV windshields, and boat windshields. Instead of using several different products in one place, you can use a single cleaner for the exterior of every vehicle you own. Toss your collection of hazardous cleaning supplies and try our safe, all natural product today.

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