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Car detailing Products

  High Quality All Natural Car Detailing Products

Whether you are a professional car detailer or simply want to find the best car detailing products for your personal vehicle, Nature's Green Magic is the perfect solution.


Every car wash uses approximately 100 to 150 gallons of water. This means that every time we wash a car, we are using extraordinary amounts of one of our most valuable resources. In order to solve that problem, among others, the founders of Nature's Green Magic determined to find natural ingredients that could work together to create high quality car detailing products.


While other auto detailing supplies use harsh chemicals and that can damage the exterior and interior of a car over time, Nature's Green Magic uses organic, biodegradable materials that are neither harmful to the environment nor your vehicle. Our waterless solution covers every aspect of a detailing kit, including exterior wash and wax formula, interior carpet, dashboard, and upholstery cleaner, and a tire and interior conditioner. None of our products require water, saving hundreds of gallons per wash and leaving your car with a clean, waxed, and show-ready appearance.


Our premium auto detailing supplies also include all natural air fresheners that are designed specifically to deal with the foul odors that can plague your car's interior. Because our products are natural and biodegradable, they are also pet and child friendly. You can get a fresh, clean car without the worry of harmful chemicals and fumes impacting your car's occupants. Try our new scents which are sold individually and in packs of 20 for resale at your detailing shop.


Nature's Green Magic other auto detailing supplies also come in a variety of options, including a detailing kit. Car detailing supplies can be purchased in family size kits or gallon quantities for professional detailers. For individual car owners, we offer a complete detailing pack with each of our three essential cleaners: exterior, interior, and tire. We also provide a starter detailing kit which includes our exterior and interior cleaner along with an air freshener. Each of our products can be purchased individually to try on your car, or in convenient kits for personal and professional use.


Regardless of how you purchase our products, we recommend using high quality microfiber towels to get the best results from your Nature's Green Magic car cleaner. The waterless wash and wax formula allows you to simply spray, wipe, and buff the surface to get a professional quality clean. For vehicles that have caked on mud or dirt, consider rinsing lightly before using your Nature's Green Magic exterior cleaner. The complete detailing kit and the family pack both come with our microfiber cloths, or they can be purchased separately in our shop.


Contact us today to learn more about Nature's Green Magic and how it is revolutionizing the car washing experience!

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